In this article I am going to write a review for the smart watch made by Apple.Inc. In this review I am going to give an overview of the product and review the interface, comfort, usability and reliability. The interface is IOS 6.4 this is a simple interface for a smart watch the comfort of this watch is divine. It’s soft leather strap moulds to the shape of your

1) Identify an emotion prevalent in one or both texts.

2) List methods/techniques used to strengthen this emotion.

3) Provide quotations from each text to support your point.

4) Explain whether these methods are the same or different between the play and the poems.

One of the emotions in this text is anger. As Titus is shouting about the tribune.

This is shown by quick speech when reading this back.  Saying quick words that rhyme. This shows that there is anger in the text. Anger is also shown by Titus saying that ‘the tributes are as hard as stones’. This presents his anger by suggesting he feels no emotion, comparing his own emotion to that of a stone.

Up, up and away the headline and picture show a person floating in a chair flying from the white cliffs of Dover. The headline is effective because it tells you what he is doing ‘Up,up and away the day armchair travel takes off’. the picture is showing Jonathan Trappe sitting in a armchair with helium balloons above his head. They both show that someone is in an armchair floating across the cliffs of Dover. The use of colour is bright and vibrant. the headline was bold and black showing it has some importance to draw the audience in to the news report. This  links to the text because the text is talking about a man who flew across in an armchair. Saying ‘everyone has had the slight dream to do something like this.

Ben Leach’s article shows that many people do not want wind turbines in the 14 beauty spots in the UK. People do not want the wind turbines because it will ruin the natural landscape of Britain. Wind turbines are tall, big and destroy landscape with their twirling blades. They are also a threat to the bird population in Britain because birds do not look and they end up flying in to the blades resulting in death. Win d turbines also destroy the beauty of places by destroying the views with their towering structure they cast moving shadows across the landscape. There are many reasons why people don’t’ want them and there are many reasons why people do want them. Charles Anglin of the British Wind Farms Association said the biggest risk to our animal population is increased global warming destroying our animal populations with increasing climate change. That is why wind turbines are better than using coal and oil power as they are renewable energy.

For my Theme study I pict the theme of factor and realote

Torking books Harre potter The hunger gams The bad kid Doris Bracing bad

Films Hare potter Braking bad Perse gason Fart an fuor

Both articles are talking about delaying the bill to make gay marriage legal. There are four facts about the Conservative chairs that they have written to David Cameron asking him to delAy the bill on the gay marriage vote.

They both quote how many chairmen signed this letter, although one says there were 20 and the other says there were 22. They both talk about how if the bill is signed it could have a significant decrease in votes for the Conservative party in the 2015 election.

They both

Cameron Dearing English


Book don’t no

Type of transport. From of transport. Company

Air. Airplane British air.

Road. Car. Motorbike Honda

Rail Tran. tram National rail

Sea Boat jet ski. P&0 tens clipper

If a family of 2 adult 2 3 yer old soon

I wood pic a car or a mine bus to tach them to see the sea and if I was going to go a brod I wood go on airplane

1)Sustainability is to make sure the needs of the country are met and the need of the future are met

2)we can make are liver more sustainable by reduce the amount of packaging and using less plastic

3)if a few animals become extinct the ecosystem will start to collapse because more animals will start to die because the food has gone

4) as the sea otters numbers decline the number of sea urchins increase because the sea otters use to eat them that meant that the fish stock decline


To see this man torching is a sight to be hold I’m torching to u as i see it in front off my newer lock


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